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:star: Introduction

If you're still not sure what a vexel is just follow this link and find out what is and what isn't allowed in vexels.

:star: The challenge

Each month I want to have a lil' vexel challenge. There are no prizes, just the fun of making new works (all arts will be featured in my journal).

The theme for April is...

:bulletpink: Spring!

That's right- flowers, birds, sun, everything that reminds you of this beautiful season.
Remember that all works MUST be vexels.

:star: The contest

Here's a chance to win a 3mth sub! Create a vexel 50's pinup and enjoy awesome DA subscribers' features for 3 months! Follow this link for all the info.

:star: Artist feature

Ikue- former Vector GM.

1. Who is Ikue?

I'm a 25 year old Wannabe graphic designer by night and deviantART Help Desk employee by day. My job is to help people and I couldn't be happier! I'm an Island boy from Nassau, Bahamas though you probably wouldn't be able to tell from my skin tone XD It's been winter far to long! And if you couldn't tell I have a thing for Pikachu's! :giggle:

2. How/when did you find out about vexels?

I got in to vexels around the same time I joined the deviantART almost 7 years ago. I was mesmerized by a rix one of my very first friends here on dA. His style really inspired me to try it for myself.

3. What are your vexel/vector goals for the future?

To get better! I've only been using my vector skills recently for logo work and small jobs here and there. I'd love to actually create artistic pieces soon.

4. What other mediums you feel good with/would like to try?

I've not met a medium I don't like. Whether or not I'm "good" doesn't stop the creative process.

5. Are there any artists you admire?

I really like Andy Warhol and pop artists in general.

6. And last but not least- do you have any tips for vexel art beginners?

Collaborate! Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like mixing mind and talent with a fellow artist.

DragonFlies ampersand Lillies by Ikue

Mature Content

Andrea SwinFan I by Ikue
OJ by Ikue

:star: Daily Deviations

crowd control by fokuz :thumb148677977: Music by mjdaluz Hunted By A Freak by hishy Awe and Peace by outdream oh breadcrumbs by haaru GIMME A HEART by jaalondon Keira Knightley by Artist-in-Despair Vintage Beauty by hinnie Pearl by Blaumohn Animalia by lhifxstudio Let me look at myself by kioshima :thumb157267397: Love Dice by kikomachinist :thumb157940645: colibri by e-gart

:star: Almost Daily Deviations

Some works suggested by Deviants.

Official Girl by fabulosity :thumb154974834: Bubblegum by Pando1 :thumb155970866: Jessica Alba by Vilone Daft Punk Vexel by zevenART You have no right to be silent by ShayLee keen by deftbeat

:star: March vexel submissions

Haifa by Artist-in-Despair anyssa jordan by johnmax You're The One by morbiDetails :thumb158013794: Pokemehn by Ecstatic-ectsy :thumb157056394: So Bored by aleebr Katie Melua by Swezzels Maserati-MC12-Blue by TheBoxCar :thumb156899370: alodia fun art by markraffy :thumb157381710:

:star: Links

:bulletpink: Vexels- what are they?
Is your piece a vector, vexel or mixed media?

:bulletpink: Vexel features
Vexelove's Selection #27
Turned into Vexels #1

:bulletpink: Groups where you can find vexel art
:iconvexelove: :iconvector-artists: :iconvectors-unite: :iconthevexelgroup: :icondigital-artists: :icondigitalmixedmedia: :iconcreative-digitalart: :icondigitalartnetwork: :icondigital-art-club:

:star: Stock images

Red I by fetishfaerie-stock White Gothic Princess Stock by tanit-isis-stock Face Stock 8 by mariquasunbird1 :thumb158593972: The Diamond by CathleenTarawhiti Animals - Lion 5 by MoonsongStock

:star: Previous news

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